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Catawiki’s Historical Photography auction offers fine examples of historical photography in a weekly online auction. Our sellers offer historical photography, early travel photographs, photograph albums, photos from all around the world. Each week, we source a variety of photographic medium, including albumen, stereoscope and Silver Gelatin.
Catawiki is the most-visited curated marketplace in Europe for collectables, art, design, jewellery, watches, classic cars and more. Every week, its 240+ in-house experts carefully select over 65,000 special objects to put up in auction. Through its protected marketplace, users are assured of an exciting, safe and hassle-free buying experience. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Catawiki has close to 650  passionate employees working across its European offices serving customers around the world. It has 10 million unique monthly visitors and is now a large, fast growing business with healthy profit margins. For more information, visit https://www.catawiki.com or download the Catawiki mobile app.