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Dialogue Vintage Photography is all about the passion for vintage and vernacular photography. The foundation was started solely for that reason.

We wish to create a platform and facilitate a dialogue for all those interested in photography. Dialogue is the place where you can find unique photography, the place where amateurs and professionals meet, where knowledge and experience are exchanged and where people get inspired.

We trust you will be as inspired as we are. We hope to meet you and connect with you.

Inspired by the famous Frido Troost (1960-2013), whose Institute of Concrete Matter, offered a space where collectors, curators and photographers could meet and have extraordinary encounters and dialogues on photography, several curators and collectors joined forces and initiated Dialogue in 2019.

Dialogue is organized by the Dialogue Foundation, a not-for-profit organization aiming to further the interest in vintage photography in the broadest sense of the word.